Hank Green Hangs Out with Lymph Node Plushie

Hank Green, the novelist and YouTube sensation who’s made science cool, recently dropped some news this year: A Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis. But fear not, for this type of cancer is known for its high treatability. 

Green's announcement was a mix of realism and optimism: "Good news and bad news. One, it's cancer. Good news, it's something called Hodgkin's lymphoma. It's one of the most treatable cancers. It responds very well to treatment." Leave it to Hank to find the silver lining in his lymph nodes. 

Speaking of lymph nodes, Hodgkin's usually starts a party in the upper body, hopping from one lymph node to another. Despite this daunting diagnosis, his take is, "I wanna be like fun, goofy, science guy, not like struggling with anxiety, cancer guy. And like, you know... you can be both."

And let's talk about the chemo. Hank calls it "no fun," but also "an amazingly powerful tool." Throughout his journey, Hank has not only continued to teach us about biology but has also candidly shared his experiences with cancer treatment.

Here's to Hank Green, a man who turns even cancer into an educational adventure. Keep inspiring, educating, and rocking that plushie, Hank. Your humor, resilience, and passion for science is a lesson to us all!

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