Funny New Mom Gifts They Won’t Forget - Even With Mommy Brain

Did your partner or friend recently push out a baby? What better way to say congrats on your repro journey than a gift that’s helpful AND hilarious? 

Whether you’re wondering what to get a new mom with everything or an experienced mom with a veteran vag, a funny new mom gift basket stocked with these goodies will deliver laughs while showing your love.

These New Mom Gift Ideas Are The Breast of Both Worlds!

Nursing a newborn is hard on the ladies. Help it suck less by squeezing in a little lactation problem humor! A breastfeeding funny gift will have a mom with pumping struggles or mastitis problems swelling with laughter. 

Need ideas to suckle for a new mom gift from husband or breast friend? You’ve arrived at the gland of milk and honey! 

Get them a breast-themed gift or shirt that makes nursing easier, and they’ll keep you in their mammary for all time. Even better, give their baby something to hold onto so the girls can get a break! Our Breast of Both Worlds Scoop Neck Tee and Breast Plush are especially ta-ta-tastic ideas.

The Funniest Gifts For New Parents. Period.

After a baby leaves the womb, Aunt Flo returns with a vengeance! 

 To commemorate the monthly return of the menses, gift a new mom a fun notebook to journal through mood swings and a towel to clean up during their first shark week! It’s bound to be a bloodbath. An I Heart My Menstrual Cycle Notebook or Periodic Table of My Period Towel should do the trick!

New Mom Gifts That’ll Hold a Special Place in Their Placenta

Want to help a mommy cut cords with pregnancy and usher in a new chapter? Get umbilical with your gifting!

Make a mama’s child as comfy in the world as they were in the womb with a Placenta Plushie. The cozier the baby, the less they cry! To help first-time and experienced moms get back into shape, present a Punny Umbilical Gym Bag at their afterbirth party. It’ll tickle their belly button.

Give the Best Gift in the Womb, You Ova-Achiever!

What can you gift a new mom to win “coolest person in the womb?” Welcome her back into the worlds of fashion and coffee! 

As she implants into a life of spills and sleepless nights, a new mom can get ova-whelmed. Clothes and caffeine are lights at the end of the tunnel! A cute sweater and a non-spill coffee mug are must-haves, so do her the cervix of swiping a Womb Service Sweatshirt and Ova Achiever Travel Mug.

Funny Gifts to Help Heal a New Mom’s Hoo-Ha

Chances are, your favorite first-time mom’s hoo-ha isn’t feeling so hot. Feeling torn about what gift to get? These will have her in stitches!

Vaginal birth can bend a hoo-ha haver out of shape. Show her it’s okay to look different down there and help her heal with a silly Sherpa blanket, something to cuddle, and a place to put her pain meds! A Vadges of Many Colors Blanket and Vagina Plush Zip Pouch will more than satisfy.

What’s a Good Gift To Give a New Mom? Eggcelent Question 

From fertilization to zygote, fetus to full-on baby, anyone who has carried out a pregnancy deserves a round of applause for their embryo evolution! 

Give your fave mom an Anatomical Repro Gift to celebrate this eggcelent achievement, and they’ll feel loved and appreciated both now and ovu-later.

Pleasure Break For New Moms

For the new mom who needs a little pleasure break from her newborn chaos, a Clitoris Plushie can be a reminder that pleasure is still within reach.

It's like having a tiny mascot cheering you on as you navigate the challenges of motherhood.

Remind a new mom that she's a clitoriffic spouse and deserves all the pleasure she can get with our newest pleasure-positive plush.


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