New Stuff You Won't Wanna Miss!

Make Any Body Feel Hip 

Our new Hip Joint Pin will have even the most time-worn hips swaying like Pelvis Presley. Two thrusts for this ball and socket.

2 Glands Are Better Than 1

Our Ovary Plush is now two-faced. Don’t ovary-act… This is an eggcellent opportunity to represent righty or lefty. 

Guess Who's Freshly Tatted

Our Insulin Plush hit the tattoo parlor. Thank hormones it did because it looks moleculous. Beta cells might make insulin, but our plush is the alpha after this new ink

We Like Gut Buttons & We Cannot Lie


Grin through your gritty health journey with a smiling liver, cute lung or happy heart button, now available in a 20-Button Variety Set!

Stay Renally Warm With Kidney Slipper Restock

We are peeing ourselves with excitement because our Kidney-Shaped Slippers are back in stock! Get ready to slide your feet into these restful renals. 

Sale On Snazzy Kids’ Sox! 

Be the envy of the ward! Treat your little heroes to Fun & Stylish Kids Socks 75% Off and perfect for kids' pre-op, post-op, check-ups, and surgery jitters. Show off your organ-ic style and give your kiddos (or their hospital's child-life employees) something to smile about! 

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