Best Diabetes Humor Gift Ideas

What causes diabetes does sugar cause diabetesType 1 or Type 2 we have diabetes gift ideas for every body! When life gives you diabetes, you gotta laugh — and snuggle your pancreas plushie! Deck out your diabetes kit with a pancreas keychain, insulin lapel pin or pancreas sticker. We have all the best diabetic gift ideas for your diabetes sweetie.

Pancreas location function how it works what it does

Funny diabetes buttons and stickers are great for awareness and diabetic camps. Slap a smiling panky on your water bottle, glucose monitor or insulin pump! Studies show your diabetes care packages and gift baskets are 100% cuter with our pancreas plush stuffed in there. A diabetic care package filled with smiling pancreases and insulin plushies will bring on the sweetest smiles to your 'betic bestie.

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What is the pancreas and what does it do? The pancreas helps us eat sweets! This adorable organ makes digestive juices and hormones that help us turn sugar into energy. It's famous for making the hormone insulin -- maybe you’ve heard of it? So if you like cookies, cake and candy, thank your panky!

Pancreas what does it make and how does it work

Pancreas, O Pancreas! It's the coolest organ/gland in your entire body! It's an organ! It's a gland! It's an endocrine AND exocrine gland! It's a orgland! Or is it a glagan? Seriously, we need a new word here, people. Unless your pancreas is busted/retired, this is how it's supposed to work:

Stuff Made By Your Pancreas

Your pancreas produces hormones (endocrine gland, meaning stuff that goes into your blood) that go into the bloodstream that help turn food into energy. The pancreas also makes fluids that go directly into your digestive system (exocrine gland, meaning stuff that squirts directly into the body) to help break down food.

pancreas how it worksThe exocrine stuff is pancreatic juice and enzymes and the endocrine stuff includes hormones like insulin, glucagon and somatostatins. We only wish our pancreas plush could squish out these helpful hormones and juices. Also the pancreas has a ton of really fun nooks and crannies with colorful ye olde names like the Duct of Wirsung and the Islets of Langerhans, named after a bunch of dead anatomists.

Pancreas function how it works

And if we can geek out a bit more, here is how one of the pancreas' most famous hormones -- insulin -- works inside your body to help you transform lunch into energy. After you eat, sugar from food goes into the bloodstream. Insulin from your pancreas — or shot if you’re diabetic. — unlocks body cells so they can accept a special delivery of sugar (aka glucose). The cell transforms glucose into energy for you to run and play.

Cute funny diabetic gifts diabetes humor

Alpha cells make glucagon, beta cells make insulin, delta cells make somatostatins. This is a mere pancreatic sampling of the wonders that lie just beneath your skin! For a deeper understanding of your pancreas, crack open that anatomy textbook and take a deeper dive into this amazing organ. And if you need funny diabetes gift ideas, well, we have those!

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