Diabetes Themed Cakes and Cookies

diabetes diabetic cakeLooking to celebrate a loved ones' diaversary? Look no further than our amazing and talented T1D moms for baking these beautiful diabetes cakes designs! We love how the 'betic life humor shines through, with the frosting glucose monitor and insulin syringes!

t1d diaversary cake

These creative diabetes birthday cakes are hilarious -- "My Pancreas Sucks." LOL. We are also touched and pleased to be part of your 'betic birthday celebration with your dorky happy pancreas character. Maybe it'll help you blow out the candles...and Panky is definitely interesting in a slice of that yummy diabetic cake.

diabetic cake funny

Look at that sign: "Pancreas For Sale." Always so impressed by our diabetic community for its strength and ability to laugh in the face of what is a very challenging chronic condition. or JDRF awareness events. Nothing like a happy panky to cut into and stuff into your face!

diaversary celebration ideas cakes cookies treats

Diabetes diaversary cakes and cookies are a great way to celebrate a life-changing event in the life of a diabetic patient.

diabetic cookies

One minute, you're merrily eating whatever you want, the next minute you're monitoring your -- or your child's -- glucose with test strips and finger pricks six times a day, watching carefully what you eat, and administering insulin via a pump, port or shot. It's not an easy life. diabetes cookies recipe diaversary

How stinking cute are these cookies? Things we non-diabetics take for granted -- eating whatever you want, sleepovers and summer camps -- are challenging when you have juvenile, aka Type 1 diabetes and you have to monitor your glucose in the middle of the night and administer a shot. That's why diabetic camps are so awesome for kids with this auto-immune disease.

Diaversary cookies celebrate diabetes

Diabetic cakes and cookies are also a fab way to bring awareness to T1D, which affects over 1.6 million in the US alone, according to the CDC. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, so you gotta be ready to cook up some cute pankies!

pancreas diabetes diabetic funny cake ideas

But hey, you're alive! And as long as you're alive, why not celebrate the dumb diagnosis with a beautiful and colorful type 1 diabetes cake that shows you've been living with this quitter for 2 years (and counting)? Life tastes better with a healthy sense of humor, and a fat slice of cake. Check out our unique gifts for diabetics right here!

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