Cute Anatomy Stickers for Notes

Anatomy Medicine Sticker Set Cute Funny Cheap - Water Bottle Laptop Bike Vinyl Stickers

School's in session and that means it's sticker season and time to share organs (Stickers) with all your friends! Pack of 15 huge vinyl human body stickers means you can give your heart to a friend and keep that kidney for yourself. Mom needs a liver and maybe dad wants the pancreas. Give the gift of bladder to your friend who's always in the bathroom. This organ sticker variety pack makes a great present for someone in nursing or med school!

Outdoor Quality Vinylo Sticker Human Body Organs Funny Cute Anatomical Organ Shaped Stickers Med School

Good value --  this set of 15 organ-shaped stickers for just $7! Outdoor-quality vinyl means you can stick these to your bike, car, water bottle, laptop or anywhere you wanna go. Cute and outdoorsy -- just like you! Slap a sticker on just about anything, it will last 2-3 years in full sun, longer in the shade. Who doesn't want a uterus on their water bottle?

Uterus Stickers - Reproductive Health Education Awareness Giveaways for Booth Table Health Care Event

Maybe you only have eyes for the uterus sticker? We get that. We carry several organ anatomy sticker sets that celebrate the uterus, brian, liver, kidney and many more. Perfect giveaway items for your health care convention booth. Your prize wheel will bring the party if you're having out uterus stickers to winners!

Anatomy Physiology Classroom Stickers - Biology Homeschool Cute Stickers
Bribe children into learning with cute teeny tiny stickers! These anatomy sticker sheets are great for the Classroom Great incentives for science and health classes. Teacher will love giving these out and students will love getting them. Way more fun than a "Good Job" or happy face sticker on that A+ anatomy paper. Check it:

Ova Achiever Cute Stickers for Classwork - Anatomy Bio Physiology Health Class

I see you, Ova Achiever! See your spleen bathing, lungs flying, brain reading, colon hula-hooping, gallbladder playing ball and lots of other eye-popping sights. Make those med school notebooks adorable with kidneys, uteruses and bladders. Great classroom incentives for biology, anatomy and physiology students. You get a total of 96 guts stickers for just two bucks -- be still my heart!

Anatomy Sticker Amazon Cute Funny Stickers

Our cute organ character stickers are the best! But don't take our word for it, we are super biased. How about a word form one of our awesome customers? "I use these cute stickers for test review winners in health class and Intro to Health Careers. They put them on their folders. I’ve ordered and re-ordered several times." - P.M. More on our human organ stickers on Amazon: "Love love love these jumbo stickers. Used them for my water bottle. I work in a hospital so they were a hit at work!" - S.R.

Sex Ed Heatlh Class Stickers - Funny Cute Booth Medical Conference Health Care Convention Giveaways
Meet the latest member of our organ sticker family: the Sexy Anatomy Sticker Set for Nerds! Long-lasting stickers for your nerdy VCSO sex educator or health class anatomy nerd. Great science stickers for classroom decoration or student prizes. Medical science, nursing, anatomical characters, organ art stickers for your room, walls, face, or where-ever you wanna slap a waterproof vinyl sticker brain or liver.

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