Clitoris Cuddles With Our Exciting & Stimulating New Anatomy Plushie!

Clitoris Plushie: Snuggle with Bliss

Discover the ultimate comfort with our clitoris-shaped plushie! Imagine placing it wherever you need a dose of happiness – on your couch, bed, or anywhere that calls for a fluffy, snuggly companion. It's clitorally the best snuggle buddy you'll ever have.

Fun Anatomy Education with Flair

Who says learning can't be pleasurable? Our clitoris plushie doubles as a fantastic teaching tool for health classes! Its detailed design and high-quality materials bring a playful and fun element to education. Explore the adorable clitoral hood, the cute little clit face, and the embroidered dots representing urinary tract and birth canal openings. This plushie might not trigger the Big O, but it will surely ignite excitement and curiosity!

Fun Clitoris Facts Unveiled

Did you know the clitoris has a singular mission – to have a good time? It's the only part of the human body whose sole function is pure FUN! 

The clitoris contains over 10,000 nerve fibers, making it one of the most nerve-rich areas in the entire human body. This tiny organ packs a big, delightful punch. Our cheeky clitoris enamel pin will be the climax of fashion on your jacket or bag. 

Clitoris Anatomy: Wishbone Wonderland

The clitoris is like a wishbone-shaped wonderland, with most of its magic hidden inside the body. It cozily hugs the base of the bladder and vagina, spreading joy and pleasure to its surroundings. But wait, there's more! The teeny tiny tip of the clitoris emerges at the top of the vulva, right beneath the clitoral hood. It's the gateway to a fun-filled zone that can make hearts race and smiles light up faces.

When it comes to pleasure, the clit’s a hit. Rock your clitoral appreciation with a set of pleasure-positive funny clitoris buttons. It comes in a set of 10, so share the pleasure with friends! 

Funny Sweatshirt To Level Up Your Cozy Game 

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and thrill. Level up your cozy game with our Congrats You Found My Clitoris sweatshirt. It's the perfect mix of funny and passive-aggressive, leaving your partner amused, intrigued, and maybe even brushing up on clitoris anatomy. 

Celebrate the remarkable clitoris that brings happiness and excitement to our lives. When it comes to the clitoris, fun is always on the agenda. 

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