Body Parts in Love

Classic Couples - Famous Pairs Peanut butter and jelly. Coffee and a donut. Cleopatra and What's-His-Face. There are so many classic couples out there. But what about the body's perfect pairs? What could be more romantic than being the insulin to somebody's pancreas?

Lapel pin medical - pin doctor and nurse - badge reel deco

Or the hypothalamus to their pituitary? Whatever you like, we have the cutest human body pins to make your perfect match. When knee meets muscle, you know the sparks are gonna fly (actually that sounds kinda painful). When penis meets prostate, all kinds of magic gets made (along with some semen). So many cute couples!

kidney pair - kidney slippers - kidney donor slippers

Do you feel some renal romance brewing or is it just bilateral symmetry? Either way, nothing is sweeter than these kidney slippers! They are always together, forever entwined in a sordid workplace affair, filtering blood and making pee.

Vagina and Testicle Stuffed Animals - Sex Ed - Bachelorette Party Gifts

Or maybe you need something more platonic. A gift for your work wife, perhaps? Despite what everyone says, this testicle plush and vagina/vulva plush are keeping things totally professional. 

Colorectal Surgery Gift

You are sure to find the cutest couples on our website. So whether you're into an esophagus/stomach meet-cute or gallbladder-meets-liver hepatobiliary love connection, we've got all your cute body parts covered at our adorable anatomy outlet. We will always be the colon to your rectum, baby.

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