Blue Balls Myth

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Blue balls, or epididymal hypertension, has been described as scrotal pain that occurs after high, sustained sexual arousal unrelieved because of lack of orgasm and ejaculation. Although little to no research has been done on this topic, it is believed that poor venous outflow creates a sort of low intensity, transient compartment syndrome within the vessels feeding the epididymis.
Myth #1: Blue balls are dangerous. This is not true. Although blue balls can feel distressing, it’s a fairly common, innocuous condition that’s easily resolved by having an orgasm.
Myth #2: Blue balls always look blue. Any blueish hue that results from blue balls is usually subtle and may not happen at all.
Myth #3: It just happens to men. Nope. Though this phenomenon hasn’t been described by researchers, it appears that women can get “blue vulva” from sexual frustration as well — during sexual arousal, increased blood flow makes the vulva and clitoris swell slightly. When the blood is “trapped” too long by extended arousal without sexual release, discomfort or pain could result
Treatment: well.. orgasm.

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