Best Plush Organs on Amazon

plush organs amazon fast shipping best selection Which are organ plushies are should you get on Amazon? Let's figure out which lovable plush organ is right for you! I Heart Guts makes the most highly-rated organ plushies on Amazon. We also think our medical plush toys are the best, but we are biased, so read on from our un-biased human organ anatomy pillow customers on Amazon! 

kidney plush amazon best funny giftPlush organs make the best funny surgery gift. Whether you are giving or getting a kidney, this little renal bean will have your surgical team in stitches. Need the highest rated kidney plush on Amazon? Not to brag, but that's us! With 279 five-star reviews, our kidney plush on Amazon has been giving renal support and satisfaction to the good folks of the interwebs since forever. I love this review from Natalia: "My friend unfortunately has to get a kidney transplant, so for Christmas I got her this. She thought it was hilarious and it really cheered her up. It's a great gift for someone who's sick and has a bit of a twisted sense of humor." Read more touching kidney plush reviews on Amazon to see how people use it to calm loved ones before nephrectomy surgery, kidney donation, bring a smile during a scary medical diagnosis, or be your dialysis pal. 

knee plush funny cute surgery gift humor total knee replacement torn ACL

We've got the highest rated knee plush on Amazon, people love this smiley cute knee pillow, the perfect knee surgery gift that will bring LOLs into the OR. Give your ortho and surgical techs a big chuckle as they wheel you off for your new robot knee. Read this delightful 5-star knee surgery gift review from Felicia K, "Bought this for my teen son before he was having knee surgery. He loved it! It put a smile on his face and even calmed his nerves. Definitely gave him something to focus on when he had pain. His knee surgeon and all the nurses thought it was cute, too :) Good size stuffie and the smile on the knee cap is just adorable.

colon plush best amazon

We also have the highest-rated thyroid plush on Amazon (yep, there are several, can ya believe it?), the pancreas plush with the most 5 star reviews for your diabetic or pancreatitis warriors. Both thyroid and pancreas will give your endo doc a grin. Heading on down the GI tract, our highly rated appendix plush makes a great gift for calming appendix surgery jitters, our five star gallbladder plush on Amazon can be your bestie as you head into surgery. Also our colon plush is Amazon's Choice as the best funny cute colon surgery gift! You go, gut!

tonsil plush surgery support recovery funny cute pillow gift

We are the only ones who make a tonsil plush, placenta plush (yass, Amazon's Choice! It's the only placenta plush, but hey, we'll take the corporate love) and spine backbone plushie (Amazon's Choice again) -- you will only find these specialized body parts in plushie form on I Heart Guts plush organs on Amazon. Digging even deeper into the body, we have so many specialty plush organs -- thymus gland plush, adrenal plushies and even a pineal gland plush! You thought a plush brain -- which celebrates the boss of the body -- was cool? How about a pituitary gland -- which is the boss of the body's boss?

plush organs not on amazon

While we are talking Amazon, did you know some of our listings are HIDDEN! Yes, it's true! If it's a genital or a reproductive organ plushie, that is CENSORED by Amazon! Unforch, our penis pillow on Amazon is considered a "sex toy" and so the listing is suppressed. Also, the prostate plush on Amazon has the same problem, as does the Vadge Zip Pouch and rectum plushie (no Amazon's Choice for this one, huh?).

plush organs funny cute surgery gift amazon fast shipping

So if you can't find what you're looking for, look for it on Google, because they don't censor! If you look for penis plush on Amazon through Google's search engine, you can find our secret hidden penis! Type the same search into Amazon, and you'll find zilch. There, now you know our secret password to get into the exclusive Amazon Genitalia & Reproductive Organ Jail/Club.

i heart guts stuffed animals plush organs surgery humor pillow funny cute gift anatomy human body toy

You can always find every single organ we make -- including the sexy ones! -- on the I Heart Guts Amazon storefront. We've got all the finest plush organs on Amazon for your surgery support with robot-fast Prime shipping on most items! When you need plush organs STAT, we've got your back.

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