Barbies For Science Nerds

“I’m a Barbie girl, in a surgery world…” That has a good ring to it, doesn’t it? You know how Barbie has special editions for events or promos? What about an I Heart Guts series? We posted these doctor Barbies on Instagram for April Fool’s and the world went wild. 

Did we bamboozle you into thinking that these gutsy Barbs exist? Hopefully, one day they will because who wouldn’t want to see their favorite plastic idols snipping, removing, and prodding guts? These are our kinds of role models. 

These exclusive, limited edition I Heart Barbie’s Guts would be available in specialties like Vasectomy Barbie. Imagine playing doctor with this doll, pretending to snip away and cut off that free-flowing sperm river from the testicles. 

She would be the perfect counterpart to our testicle plushie. We’ll remember the cut vas deferens fondly, much like our childhood Barbie collection.

testicle plushie - funny plushie organ

Who else would we trust to remove our uterus other than Hysterectomy Barbie? Whether you’re playing a game of “Who stole my uterus?” or your Barbie is brushing up on organ anatomy with a uterus and friends poster, Hysterectomy Barbie is well-equipped for painless womb services.

Good riddance, gallbladder. Cholecystectomy Barbie is here to steal your gallbladder like your friends would steal your Barbie’s outfits. Hopefully, she didn’t learn how to cut out organs by watching us cut her hair.

Cholecystectomy Barbie is a surgeon specializing in biliary disease, and she’s totally bile resistant, so you don’t have to worry about digestive juices ruining her perfect manicure. 

Naturally, since she’s a doctor and a fashionista, you can decorate her lab coat with gallbladder lapel pins so all the other dolls in the Barbie Dream House, like Gastroenterology and Hepatology Barbie, know that she’s part of the crew.

gallbladder pin - funny gallbladder gift

Never screened for colon cancer? Colonoscopy Barbie is here to help. This doll is accessorized with a pair of bright pink glasses, all the better to see the inside of your rectum and colon with.

Being photogenic has helped Colonoscopy Barbie become a master in front of the camera – and behind it. She gently pushes the tube inside your colon and takes breathtaking pictures of your guts along the way. 

colon plushie - guts plushie funny

This butt-loving Barb even comes with a bottle of bowel prep to get your bowels ready for the procedure. Colon plushie sold separately.

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