Plushie Organs in the News

plush organs washington post We are blushing over the super kind words written about our anatomy toys! Here's a sampling of some of the amazingly nice things written about I Heart Guts plushie organs in the press: 

“The I Heart Guts line appeals to pediatricians and specialists, medical students and patients with a funny bone.” - Washington Post. “The happy little uterus may get you rooked into buying the plushie.” - New York Times“Cute internal organs that make up the fascinating human body.” - Wired

plush organs black book press

“Skip the box of candies and instead opt for a heart plush toy by I Heart Guts.” – LA Mag“This happy bunch is sure to put any get-well card to shame." - Time Out New York. “These make teaching my nephew about the inside of his body really fun.” – actor Kristen Bell, People Magazine. "The I Heart Guts teeth brooch is one of my personal favorites from the collection." - Glamour Magazine

plush organs wired magazine

“These furry toys can transplant love back into any relationship.” - Black Book. “Giving dad a plush toy seems ballsy, but he’ll go nuts when he realizes you’re giving him testicles.” – HuffPost.  “The toys help get over a feeling of loss.” - Forbes. “Perfect gift for that nephrologist, cardiologist, neurologist, surgeon or other special someone.” - MedGadget “Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a shirt with a bright, animated uterus on the front?” - Entertainment Weekly

time out new york plush organs press

“Teach your little one how the body works with these weirdly cute, internal organ plush toys.” - Woman’s Day. “If your future scientist isn’t taking to her teddy, give her one of these brainy buddies to cuddle.” - Parents Magazine.  “And now, a legal market for internal organs.” Fast Company. “Anatomically clueless? Get a first-class education at I Heart Guts.” - MTV 

heart plushie los angeles magazine"At first you may think, Why would I need a plush organ? But then you think of a tonsil for your cousin who’s having surgery, a brain for your graduating niece, a heart for your sis going through a bad breakup...” – BuzzFeed. “These guts are adorable, and I heart them, too.” - Bust magazine

plush organs womans day funny educational toys

“Opening this gift made me genuinely LOL and feel so cared for.” - Radiolab Newsletter. “Bum deal? Rectum and colon soft toys released in time for #2 gifts at Christmas.” - Mirror UK. "The plush ovary will have you fallo-peein’ yourself with laughter.” - BuzzFeed.


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