Anatomy of a Stylish Back-to-School Season

Gut Ready for School

It's back to school time and we've got just the organ-ized swag you need to tackle this semester in stride. $13 Tees + Everything Else on Sale in our Threadless shop! 

  • 🎨 Stickers: Add Gutsy flair to anything 
  • 🎒 Bags: Tote in style
  • 📓 Notebooks: Scribble with guts
  • 🖍️ Zip Pouches: Neatly zipped
  • 🖲️ Buttons: Rep your RIP'd organs
  • 📱 Phone Cases: Dial up the drama

For Doodles, Dreams & Biology 101

Scribble your secrets or jot down class notes in notebooks that show off your inner self. Write from the heart—or liver, or lungs.

Statement Dorm Gear

College-bound? Turn your dorm room into an anatomical wonderland. From posters to pillows, make a body-positive statement as unique as you. Make no bones about it, this dorm gear is a game-changer.

Stick to Your Guts

Why have a boring laptop or journal to school when you can have a liver, kidney, or even a spleen peering back at you? Slap on some organ cheer. These organ accessories will stick with you through thick and thin.

Pouches That Pack a Punch

Shoulder the weight of the semester with bags that show off your insides, on the outside! So spacious, they fit both your textbooks and your sense of humor. Plus, hold your essentials in zip pouches that say, "Yes, I am organ-ized, thank you very much!

Who says going back to school has to be dull? Not us. Grab some Gutsy back to school gear!

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