Wrestling With Testis

"Today is the day I'm going to buy my 12 year old daughter a plush testicle." And so begins a super cute blog post from a cool mom who decided to get her gutsy daughter some nuts:

"My friend needs this.....she needs a testicle for her birthday," DJ declared, "Come on, Moe, let me get her a testicle."

Why not, I thought.  It would be funny - and what 12 year old girl wouldn't love a blue fuzzy testicle of her very own.  I took a photo of it with my phone and sent it to G along with the note "We're buying DJ's friend a testicle for her birthday."

His reply was that it was funny....until I sent my message: "I'm serious." I don't even think I had to wait for his follow-up note of "Her mother would kill us - and I don't need to deal with that at school." I explained to DJ that her dad had veto'd the testicle as a gift idea. "Fine," she said looking into my eyes with a puppy dog expressions, "Can I have the testicle?" What about you, would you buy your kid a testicle? {via Right Turn Without Signaling}

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