Body Breakdown

Here's a quick cheat sheet to remember what all those guts and glands are doing all day inside your body, as told by our lapel pins. Your marvelous reproductive friends (with benefits?) are busy squirting away, and technically the sex organs and glands also require help from the brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals and yes, even sweat and saliva to some extent (but I digress!) Onward to Team Digestion, those little guys that make eating such a pleasure! Thanks everyone! What would we do without the admirable and ceaseless devotion of our circulatory system? The heart pumps blood, hormones, air anywhere it's needed, while the respiratory champs the lungs get air in and out with no breaks whatsoever. What a champ! Onward to the good ol' brain, in charge of the entire nervous system, the boss of the entire body. Who's there to take out the trash? Why, the excretory system, of course, with major players the kidneys, intestine and bladder taking the junk out of your trunk. The skin keeps all the organs bundled neatly inside, and sebaceous glands keep our skin soft while sweat glands keep us cool. Flu? Colds? Not with this tough team around -- your immune system is staffed by the wonderful lymphatic nodes, spleen and thymus gland, which keep you in good health (unless they don't, some bugs are craftier than others, I suppose). Finishing up, we have the glands that make us hormonal, the Endocrine Party comprising adrenals, pancreas, parathyroid and thyroid! And there, in a nutshell, is the human body.

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