I Spleen You!

Anybody out there tired of the heart as Valentine's Day's official mascot? Ever wonder why not the brain or pancreas? Tell us what organ should replace the tired ol' heart for Valentine's Day and why and the best answer wins a fun box of gutsy treats! Post your reply here or on the I Heart Guts Facebook page by Feb 9th!

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  • Katie

    The kidney – to make the body work, it only keeps and gives back to the body what is necessary. Everything else can go. :)

  • Vanessa D.

    I’m going to have to go with the underdog – the intestines – as they can be seen to represent the long and bumpy path that represents finding our true love in life! In the intestines, nutrients and water we need to survive return to our bodies while waste is filtered out. Same idea can be applied to people we meet. We move through life crossing paths with all different types of people, letting those who harm us or those we don’t need pass by, while always keeping a close hold on those we can’t live without! And what organ better rhymes with Valentine than intestine, anyways?!

  • Kim

    The skin because of the warm embrace you get from a hug, the passion you get from a kiss, and the love you generate from holding hands.

  • Susmita

    Definitely the Skin. Being the largest organ in the body, “I love you with all of my skin” is saying a lot!! Being with the one you love can warm your skin, or cause your skin to flush (depending on the activity). You can enjoy the sensation of their touch or their kisses and breath on your neck, which can only be appreciated via the nerves in the skin. Whether people touch lips, give hugs, caress or massage each other or just kiss the skin of the baby that was a product of their love for one another; it is through the skin that we express our love for one another. You don’t just warm my heart, you warm my skin. Literally.

  • AK

    The pituitary gland!

    What is love without the rush of cortisol, that sweet, heart-fluttering, finger-tingling moment you know you’re past the point of no return? Or love without the afterglow of oxytocin, that deep knowing feeling that you’ve found the one you can never let go, or the sense of pride and affection as you gaze at your newborn child? Love, like pituitary hormones, is essential to growth and development (Growth Hormone, TSH), to the very cycles of waking and sleeping (ACTH), desire and contentment(MSH), the possibility of new life (FSH/LH). Love is nurturing (prolactin, oxytocin), love is daring (TSH), love keeps you grounded and in check(ADH). Love is constant and in flux, a daring equilibrium that responds to life consistently and unconditionally.

    Like love, the pituitary is subtle, but essential, the wizard behind the curtain, and without it, one would literally be dead.

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