I Spleen You!

Anybody out there tired of the heart as Valentine's Day's official mascot? Ever wonder why not the brain or pancreas? Tell us what organ should replace the tired ol' heart for Valentine's Day and why and the best answer wins a fun box of gutsy treats! Post your reply here or on the I Heart Guts Facebook page by Feb 9th!

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  • Cody Sharp

    The Liver! Hands down – the organ for Valentine’s Day…
    Most resilient by far. And it produces bile to help digest all that lovely chocolate.

    Eat away, lovebirds… The liver will take care of everything.

  • Asdf2026

    I trachea you, my dear.
    Without you, I cannot breathe.
    Is the windpipe the tunnel of love?
    It allows us to sing, to recite sonnets, to whisper adorations.
    Your love flutters through me like air through the cartilaginous rings.
    When I think of you, my breathing quickens.
    When youโ€™re near me, I let out a gentle sigh.
    I love you with all my trachea.
    Will you be my valentine?

  • Mariel

    The kidney! This organ works with his pair to keep our bodies in constant homeostasis. Awww! A role model for any budding relationship – love is hard work and all about keeping balance!

  • Courtney

    The pancreas should probably replace the heart. You gotta have that sweet, sweet sugar loving for Valentines’ Day :)

  • Saroja

    I agree with regard to the liver – mostly because it’s my favourite organ. It cuddles with so many of its neighbours: the diaphragm, duodenum, stomach, gallbladder… and, let’s be honest, it really runs the show! You can’t live without a liver. And without life, there could not be love.

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