Guts Gone Wild

Picture 1Little birds told us that the uterus shirt made it onto television's "The Soup" yesterday, appearing on the body of Nerdist champ Chris Hardwick, who now does for the internet what "The Soup" did for TV on -- you guessed it -- "Web Soup." We sniffed around looking for the uterus (apparently he wore it on a "Web Soup" episode last month) and were excited to find Chris sporting the Guts + Glands shirt while performing some hard-core Extreme Office Parkour, leaping over cubicles and smashing computers. It's pretty awesome. Anyway, if you happen to watch reruns of E!'s The Soup, keep your eye out for the womb! And if you have it on Tivo, please let us know, we haven't seen it yet! Woo hoo, thanks Michelle, for sending this pic in! the soup web soup uterus shirt chris hardwick

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  • BikerPuppy

    Yay! Gland you found it!!

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