Pac Man Fever

ovary-gland This fun little video game really puts the Ms. in Ms. Pac Man, where Pac-man is actually an ovum that gobbles down sperm for strength. It's an "educational game" on Fertility Friend's website, but really the only education comes at the end, when you get different conception tips. Anybody know what the crossed out "AF" means? And what are the flaming monsters Ms. Pac-Man must avoid? The only thing missing is the "wakka wakka wakka" sound...


  • Tristy

    Apparently “AF” stands for “Aunt Flow.” You want to avoid her (your period) when your ovum is eating sperm. WEIRD and thank you for sharing!

  • BikerPuppy

    I hate her (AF)!!! Very entertaining!

  • gutsy

    Good ol’ Aunt Flow! Of COURSE…

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