Breast Plush - Gland of Milk + Honey - Self-Exam Included


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Our breast is back! Introducing our new Breast + Mammary plush! Great gift for your fiercest breast cancer survivor, a breastfeeding mom or baby, or fun-loving lactation consultant. When your boobs get squashed during a mammogram, you might need something comforting to squeeze, too.

It’s the breast of both worlds! Your breasts contain fat, muscle, nipples, and mammary glands, which look like a bunch of grapes and can produce milk to feed babies. Mammary glands are what give mammals their name. Both women and men have mammary glands. The hormone estrogen promotes breast development, while testosterone inhibits breasts.  Measures a highly unrealistic 7" x 9" x 6". Wonderfully weird breastfeeding pillow, mastectomy gift or breast pump plushie pal. Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

This breast plushie comes with an extraordinary booklet hangtag that describes what the breasts do, how they work and also include a tiny breast self-exam! Our Breast Exam Ever describes what you ought to look for when you’re checking your girls for lumps. Getting to know boobs is easy easy as one, two, three. A monthly mammary check just might reveal info that can help your doctor get you diagnosed quickly. Different breast shapes, colors and sizes are celebrated in 8 pages of educational fun. This stylish, charming and smart boob might be just what a new mom needs when she’s hitting the breast pump for the umpteenth time. Let’s do this lactation thing!

More breast gifts, including Breast Exam Ever postersBreast of Both Worlds onesies, breast bags are at our print-on-demand site,

Customer Reviews

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Charles Redoble
Anyway I can give more than 5 stars?

My girlfriend loves this brand and we loved adding another plush to the family!

Sydney Speigner

Breast Plush - Gland of Milk + Honey - Self-Exam Included

Beyonce Santos

Breast Plush - Gland of Milk + Honey - Self-Exam Included

Melissa Elwell

I bought this for a friend who just underwent a double mastectomy. She laughed so hard. Brought some levity to a rotten situation. The quality was great, it was the perfect size and it was very soft. Loved it!

chloe hurst

Good quality. Came super fast