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Bladder Plush - Don&
Bladder Plush - Don&
Bladder Plush - Don&
Bladder Plush - Don&
Bladder Plush - Don&
Bladder Plush Gifts | Bladder Organ Stuffed Animals, Cute Bladder Organ Plushies, and Bladder Enamel Pins | I Heart Guts
Bladder Plush - Don&

Bladder Plush - Don't Stop Relievin' - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow

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Give someone an urgently needed extra bladder! This huge yellow bladder plushie measures  9" x 14" x 6" and is the cutest bladder you'll ever lay your hands on. Whether you need a potty training prize, bathroom buddy or a truly bizarre present for your urologist, urine luck! 

You urgently need this bladder plushie as a post-op pal following bladder surgery, bladder cancer or bladder removal. Bladder stuffed animal will bring a grin to your urologic surgeon, pelvic floor therapist or excretory system nerd. 

Squishy fun bladder pillow brings a laugh when life brings you a bowl of urine. This is the bladder stuffed animal you're looking for. Handmade in China at an ethically-certified factory. Safe for ages 3 and up.

How do we pee? The bladder stores your pee until you're ready to go. Most bladders hold as much liquid as a can and a half of soda. If you gotta go, go now! Comes with a fabulous educational mini-book hangtag that describes your wonderful pee-holding pal. 

Maybe the Urinary Tract Infection Fairy paid you a visit, or perhaps you need a truly spectacular gift for your urologist; this bladder plush will be the gift that gets them laughing out of sheer weirdness.

Have an urgent need for bladder gifts? Visit our print-on-demand bladder shop at Threadless!

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Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. Wash on delicate and dry low. Don’t like reading? Watch an organ plush cleaning video!


"My mother has always asked for 4 things for her birthday. Behaving children, a clean house, to be taller and a new bladder. This year a new bladder it is. I was the first child to ruin it, so I hope this helps her."
- Snakessss

Customer Reviews

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Sherill G.
Loving my Bladder plush

I love the Bladder plush. I lost my bladder 2 years ago to cancer and this bladder plush gives me some comfort when I remember my loss and how it’s like I have my bladder back again. Thank you for these plush organs and how they truly help with loss or health issues

Ahhh, glad you are recovering and doing well and happy to be by your side as a plushie bladder!

Hillary W.
Love these guts!

Unfortunately I’m not buying this adorable plush bladder under happy circumstances, but it brought a smile and some levity to the situation as my dad and my family processed a cancer diagnosis and treatment. I only wish I had it in time to give him before his tumor removal surgery, but we love it all the same and it might just be his mascot while he goes through his upcoming treatments. “Urine good hands!”

Super sorry to hear about your father, but good to know he has a loving family by his side to help him through diagnosis and treatment! The bladder plushie will be the icing on the cancer cake with you and fam by his side. Good luck, we will be rooting for him! Bye bye tumor and hello healthy bladder!

Pat F.

I am having prostate radiation treatment and found the plush bladder, **** and prostate. I got them for the office and all the Therapists just loved them. They deal with all 3 parts. The other patients enjoy seeing them too.

WE LOVE THIS PHOTO SO MUCH!!! Good luck with your prostate treatment, we hope you're enjoying these parts in good health, thanks for spreading smiles on your road to wellness with bladder, prostate and rectum in hand!

Gillian G.
Best Recovery Companion!

My fiancé was diagnosed with bladder cancer last week, and had a TURBT along with chemotherapy a few days ago. The only thing he wanted was a “stuffed bladder”. I was happy to oblige, and the smile on his face makes it more than worth it. Thank you, I Heart Guts!

We LOVE this photo so much!!! So glad you have each other and your bladder to huddle with as you work together to beat this cancer!!!

Annie M.
Best Get Well Gift Ever

Anyone can send flowers!! I’ve sent these now to 2 of my friends after surgery and they both LOVED them!! They leave them out months after receiving them as a conversation piece. Will always send these to an ailing friend ❤️ Who needs cheering up!!

Love that you send healing bladders instead of flowers! LOL. So happy the body parts got your friends talking and healing! Amazing!

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