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All artwork shown here is copyrighted material owned by I Heart Guts and is protected under U.S. and International copyright laws. These downloads are available for educational, public health and other non-commercial use and are not for resale. They may not be used to illustrate projects without permission. If you plan to make multiple copies, please contact us for permission. Thanks!
Adweek, 2/19/2014
Popular Mechanics, 2/19/2014
Popular Science, 2/19/2014
Glamour, 1/27/2013
The Baltimore Sun, 12/31/2013
Jezebel, 12/04/2013
Fast Company, 10/01/2013
Diabetic Living, 6/01/2013
99% Invisible, 8/21/2013
People, 12/03/2012
Childrens Hospital, 2/16/2013