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Radiolab Newsletter, 2/14/2021
BuzzFeed - 33 Products That, Against All Odds, Actually Exist
BuzzFeed, 03/10/2020
Joao Alberto Blog - Brazil - Órgãos de pelúcia fofinhos viralizam nas redes sociais
Joao Alberto, Brazil 2/12/2020
Kristen Bell - Uterus Toy - Ellen
Kristen Bell, Ellen Tube, 10/30/19
CNN Underscored - 35 of the most interesting products on Amazon
CNN, 9/20/2019
The Economist August 17-23, 2019 China Trade War
The Economist, 8/17/2019
Vanity Fair - Hundreds of Companies Beg Trump not to Commit Economic Suicide
Vanity Fair, 06/17/2019
Buzzfeed, 12/20/2018
Heavy, 11/9/2018
Popsugar - White Elephant Gifts That Won't Break the Bank
Popsugar, 12/19/2018
Reforma, 9/26/2018
I Heart Guts Plush Organs - WWD Japan
WWD Japan, 8/14/2018
CNN Pancreas Transplant Story
CNN, 6/12/2018
Huffington Post - Weird Father's Day Gifts - Weird Dad Gifts - Strange Gifts for Dad
Huffington Post, 5/26/2018
Huffington Post Mom Gift Guide - Weird Gifts for Mother's Day
Huffington Post, 5/4/2018
Boing Boing - Vagina Plush
Boing Boing, 3/28/18
Metro UK, 12/15/2017
Wackiest Weirdest Comic Con 2017 - Nerdist
Nerdist, 7/21/2017
Catching up with little girl who needed a kidney and her teacher who gave the life-saving gift
ABC News, 03/01/2017
Feminist Clothes & Accessories
Bustle, 1/13/2017
BuzzFeed Gift Guide - Gifts For The Medical Nerd In Your Life
BuzzFeed News, 12/6/2016
Dr. Oz Healthy Heart Playbook
Dr. Oz Magazine, 12/14/2015
Cuddly Guts Bring Comfort to the Chronically Ill
Mental Floss, 11/17/2015
BuzzFeed - Amazing Online Stores - Gift Guide
BuzzFeed, 7/19/2015
Clutter Magazine - I Heart Guts Interview
Clutter Magazine, 1/1/2015
Weird News - Toy Company Offers Intestines, Rectum And Testicle Stuffed Animals
Huffington Post, 11/17/2014
Adweek, 2/19/2014
Popular Mechanics, 2/19/2014
Popular Science, 2/19/2014
Glamour, 1/27/2013
The Baltimore Sun, 12/31/2013
Jezebel, 12/04/2013
Fast Company, 10/01/2013
Diabetic Living, 6/01/2013
99% Invisible, 8/21/2013
People Magazine Holiday Gift Guide Plush Organs Kristen Bell
People, 12/03/2012
Childrens Hospital, 2/16/2013
From plush toys to T-shirts, I Heart Guts makes the body its business
Washington Post, 5/6/2012
Homs-schooling Comic Con Style
New York Times, 10/17/2012
Nikkei Medical Cover - May 2013 - Volume 5
Nikkei Medical, 5/1/2013
Dentistry IQ - I Heart Guts introduces tooth plush pillow
Dentistry IQ, 4/9/2013
The Doctors - TMI Tuesday - Uterus Plush
The Doctors, 3/12/2013
Games Magazine - She Puts Heart in These Guts - I Heart Guts Profile
Games Magazine, 4/1/2012
Last Call with Carson Daly - David Wain - Childrens Hospital
Last Call with Carson Daly, 12/22/2011
Exhibitors Strut Offbeat Wares At Public Health Confab
NPR Shots Blog, 11/1/2011
NBC News Raw - Channel 4 - Grab Your Gonads
NBC News LA, 2010, 4/8/2010
Time Out New York - August 2008
Time Out New York, 8/27/2008
Boing Boing - Plush Organs
Boing Boing, 11/2/2007
Entertainment Weekly - June 21, 2006
Entertainment Weekly, 6/21/2006