Skin & Dermatology Gifts

Skin and dermatology gifts! Love the skin you’re in with our skin plush, skin pins and skin cancer self exam. Delight your dermatologist, aesthetician or skin enthusiast with gifts that give goosebumps.
Our skin protects our insides from the outside! As the body’s largest organ, the skin protects us from germs and infection and helps enjoy the sensation of touch. With help from the sweat glands, our skin also acts like the body’s air-conditioner to help us maintain a healthy body temperature. Our sebaceous glands release oils that keep skin soft and hair supple. Melanin gives skin its beautiful color. Love the skin you’re in! What lies beneath your skin? Sweat glands, sebaceous glands, bulbs of Krause (sense cold), organs of Ruffini (sense heat), nerve endings, Meissner corpuscles (vibration and touch), Merkel's disks (sense touch), Pacinian corpuscle (sense pressure, and last but not least, the hair bulb, sebaceous gland and muscle (goose bumps!). It's a dermy dream! What is melanin? Melanin is what gives your beautiful skin its color and protects your flesh from the sun. This substance is highly protective. The more melanated you are, the more pigmented your skin will be, and the better protected you and your organs are from the sun's harsh rays. Thanks, melanin! How do I check for skin cancer? It's all in the moles! Just remember your ABCDEs : Asymmetrical: when one side of your mole is not like the other, get it checked. Border: if your moles have irregular borders, get them checked. Colorful: if you mole is spotted with several colors, get them... you know. Diameter: if your mole is bigger than a pencil eraser, see your derm. Evolving: when your mole changes shape, size or color, get to the dermatologist! Get naked and look for spots alone or with a friend! Skin cancer has never been so fun!

Our Amazing Customers


The spine plush actually cracks! I love the vibrancy of the plushies and their smile is too cute. Will definitely be back!

Mena P.

Bought my stomach plush for my son who is having a total gastrectomy. It's a cute way to make a hard time a little easier.

Cheryl B.

A super cute knee joint for my granddaughter who tore her ACL and was so upset to not be able to finish her basketball season. This brought a huge smile to her face.

Marian P.

This testicle plush is firm enough to squeeze and slowly release which is good for stress. I like that when I feel like a coward, he can be my balls when I have none.

April J.

My friend has pancreatic cancer. She saw the pancreas in the gift store while getting treatment and told me she wanted it. She's been cuddling with it, named it, and said it reminded her to appreciate the good parts of her pancreas.

Kelly M.

The penis neck pillow is comfy and sturdy, definitely the best one I have ever used! Extra points for the pocket in the foreskin.

Stephanie B.

Got this as a gift for my daughter with type 1 diabetes. The colour is great and the face is super cute! Its soft and great quality. She LOVES it!

Megan L.

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