Your products have made my surgeries so much better

Your products have made my surgeries and specialist appointments so much better. You have no idea.

We have gifted our endocrinologist with all the endo ones, and now my gynecology oncologist these. I gave him the uterus and ovary ones when I had everything BUT my right ovary removed last year.

Even though he took my cervix, I figured he's doing "essential cervix" taking my right and remaining ovary today.

My husband and I share an endocrinologist (he’s diabetic) and we gifted the doctor the entire endocrine line of pins and a pair of socks.

Planning to gift my gynecologist who did the hysterectomy last week the lapel pin set with the uterus, ovary and cervix.

Next I need to order myself the kidney slippers. I may be addicted to I Heart Guts.