You get my weird, sarcastic humor

medical plushies anatomy funny nurse med student health care giftDamn, do I have fun with you people. You get my weird, sarcastic humor, appreciate my many duh moments but never make me feel stupid, laugh when I open my sterile gloves right into the garbage, hug my emotional crying ass, grin and bear my collections of coffee and when I shove people out of the way to get to the candy drawer. I love my sweet, nonjudgmental angels. My beautiful coworkers have created an environment that I genuinely love to be in, and I am forever grateful to you for it. Thank you for keeping me motivated, giving me a safe space to learn, make mistakes, to grow, and gain confidence. Thank you for always making me feel loved and showing me that coworkers can in fact be your close friends. ASC will always feel like home. Thank you endlessly.