Womb warrior heals and empowers women

Naledi, aka Lady Yoni is all about embracing your yoni goddess energy. With the help of her trusted uterus plushie, she guides women on a journey towards healthier living and healing, sprinkling laughter along the way. 

She’s a fierce advocate for women's health, dishing on the embodiment of pleasure and offering the ultimate tips and tricks for a healthy, sizzling lifestyle. 

Her own quest for womb health began when I battled depression, IBS, and an ovarian cyst. Endless diets, meditation, and yoga led her to explore the depths of womb healing. Through her womb healing journey, she released womb trauma and removed energetic blockages for a happier, healthier life — and is now sharing that knowledge with her community.  

Lady Yoni supports women on their journey of self-discovery as they embrace their #yonigoddessgang power, heal from emotional and sexual trauma, and unleash the full potential of their pleasure-filled lives.

With ten years of expertise in herbology, Hatha & Kundalini yoga, meditation, and all things alternative healing, Lady Yoni takes you on a wild ride of empowerment, self-discovery, and yoni magic.

A fearless guardian of fabulousness, she taps into the secrets of the divine feminine, transforms wounds into wisdom, and unleashes a tsunami of self-love and empowerment, all with her fav uterus plush sidekick in tow!