When you get told it’s gonna be “impossible” for you to get pregnant

IVF funny gift TTC struggle journey plushie pillow ovary plush testicle plushThis is really personal, but we figured I’ve shared everything else so far and this information may well help someone so it’s worth the TMI. I took a test in October 2019 called an AMH test, and it measures your potential egg reserve. A typical woman my age has a count of around 37. Mine was 4.7. There’s no way of knowing if it’s always been this low, or whether I’m dropping dramatically & on a downward trajectory. Either way, it’s shit. Tris also took a test where he had to “produce a sample” (ooo la la) and his results were hardly positive either. Long story short, the shape of his “swimmers” are let’s say... unconventional. We are young, and being honest I wasn’t thinking about future babas, but regardless of this when you get told it’s guna be “impossible” for you to get pregnant naturally it’s kinda heartbreaking.  **UPDATE: after endometriosis, infertility struggles, IVF and miscarriage, Miranda and Tris HAD A BABY GIRL!** Congrats!