Plushies made appendectomy & tonsillectomy surgery more tolerable

The absolute talk of the surgery center

"My daughter lost her appendix almost 2 years ago and felt she needed a replacement since she also received a tonsil 3 weeks ago for losing her tonsils. These plush are so cute."

Meet Tommy The Tonsil, Too! 

"We purchased the tonsil for our daughter’s upcoming tonsillectomy and it was way cuter than we expected. She was actually able to take 'Tommy the Tonsil' back to surgery with her and he was the absolute talk of the surgery center.

He was passed around to all the nurses and Drs and several asked where we got him so they could order 'their guts.' Highly highly recommended, definitely made surgery more tolerable."


After undergoing both an appendectomy and a tonsillectomy, this resilient girl proves that nothing can bring her down. To honor her journey, she now proudly boasts a new stuffed appendix plush and tonsil plush, filling the void left by the organs she bid farewell to. With a spirit as fierce as ever, she serves as an inspiration to us all. Long live the Ectomy Queen!