Plushies empowering sex therapy

AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist, Doctor of Psychology, and self-proclaimed geeky goth @dr.jordansoper strips down the secrets of sex online, owns and operates The Center For Sexual Health and Wellness, and provides therapy to help people dissect issues around anxiety, PTSD, and sex, of course. 

Everyone Fits Inside Her Island of Misfit Toys

Dr. Jordan Soper does seminal work! As a proud cosplayer and I Heart Guts Plushies fan, she’s a breath of fresh air for anyone who doesn’t fit into the rectular crowd or sees the butt of society’s hardships on a daily basis. 

She specializes in helping the LGBTQ+ community, current and former sex workers, military service members and veterans, first responders and law enforcement, young geeks and professionals, and more.  

From Dr. Soper’s Perspective, What Is Sex Therapy?

Jordan’s take on sex therapy is super flexy! She opens up her practice to anything from performance, desire, and satisfaction to sex addiction, sexual trauma, painful syndromes, repro issues, and gender and sexual identity concerns. Our world needs some serious sex ed, and she’s here to offer clit!