Plushies are amazing gift to anyone living with chronic illness

I finally bought the plushies l've been wanting to get! 

I ordered a colon plushie to represent my haphazard colon (due to Ulcerative Colitis) and a brain plushie for my dad as he has been dealing with dementia-type symptoms for the last three years.

These plushies are such an amazing gift to anyone living with chronic illness/disease or dealing with a life-altering disease/illness.

All the little sayings on each of the tags made me giggle!

I will definitely be ordering more in future as I am a collector of chronic illness and autoimmune disease (and of course my colon plushie will need a friend!).

My dad keeps his brain on his bed side table and I know it brings a smile to his face when he sees it which makes it very much worth it.

Definitely check these out if you know someone with chronic illness or you are a spoonie too like me.