Kidney plush broke the ice with the nurses who all adored it

kidney plushie cute surgery recovery transplant donor gift incision pillow funny kidneys“My lovely friends in Australia somehow found your plush kidney and surprised me with it as a good luck charm — I was about to leave Australia to fly to England to become a living kidney donor to my mum. The plush kidney was supposed to make me feel less bereft at my loss of a real kidney but my mum likes it so much I think she wants to keep the plush one too! Obviously it has gone with us to all our compatability tests and it came to hospital for the transplant operation. I think it really broke the ice with the nurses who all adored it. I’m sure folks who have plush organs at their hospital bed get better treatment from nurses because they could instantly see that we are patients who don’t take ourselves too seriously! When I’m recovered I will be taking the kidney with me to the organ donation stalls I volunteer on, as a cute reminder to people to register as organ donors.” Scott C.