During his ordeal, the eyeball became his mascot

eyeball gift funny eye plushie pillow stuffed eyeball surgery gift“My son had a brain tumor removed yesterday which had left him basically blind. My daughter bought him the eyeball and we just gave it to him this morning. He just loves it and we are praying for the recovery of his vision. In the meantime he is squeezing his party pupil and it is keeping him company in his hospital bed. Thank you so much for your wonderful creations. We had a great time studying them at the hospital gift shop yesterday.” UPDATE: “I wanted to let you know that we are doing much better. My son has regained his vision and is able to drive again. He will have a follow up MRI in a couple weeks to see about the last 5% of the tumor remaining -- they may do radiation therapy. If all is well he will start looking for a new job. Throughout my son’s ordeal, the eyeball became his mascot -- he’s 26 and still loves plush toys! It’s on our family room couch and still makes me smile.  It became a great rallying point for us all.”  – Sue T.