Your Guide to Spending Valentine’s Day With or Without a Partner

You deserve to feel warm and fuzzy, with a significant other or solo! Whether you’re love-struck by your own guts or someone else’s, these Valentine’s ideas will make it a fun and hearty day. 

Get Cozy From Head To Colon

You don’t need a hubby to get cuddly. Snuggle up with a chocolate box and some cozy Head Over Bowel Colon Socks for a holiday that moves you! A toe-curling partner, close pal, and furry friend all make fine companions.

Channel Your Love into Crafts

Grab some Anatomical Heart-Shaped Stickers and get crafty! Whether you swap cards with your S.O., create a gratitude journal for self-care, or plan a craft day for the singles in your life, art is good for the heart.

Host a Cocktail Party

Why not celebrate V-Day by wetting your whistle? Matching Love U, Uterus Sweatshirts and mixology tools are a must! Concoct self-love potions or mocktails with the single ladies in your life, and feel the love with a group hug from all the uteruses and ovaries.

Take a Hike From Heartbreak 

Why text your ex when you can answer the call of the wild? Nature is wide open, willing to heal your heart, and also hits the g-spot as a date spot. Don’t forget a Vagina + Vulva Zipper Pouch, the best fanny pack to store granola or candy hearts.

Make Spermatogenesis Sexy  

V-Day is sappy, sweet, and sometimes sticky. Depending on who you spend the sexiest day of the year with, dirty games may be your best bet. Strip poker, spin the bottle, or a Sperm Factory Puzzle— you won’t know what came over you with these steamy pastimes.

Serve Breakfast In Bed

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so why not serve a special menu in bed? Accompany the tray with an I Ache For You Plushie, and they’ll get butterflies so strong their tummy aches.

Have a Flexy Holiday

Get in sync with your body—or someone else’s—by spending Valentine’s Day stretching your spine. Not only will yoga make you more bendy in bed but it will also send you a dose of sweet serotonin. A Spinal Column Pillow will have your back as you try new poses.

Take a Toy For a Spin

Spice things up in the bedroom by bringing sex toys into the mix! No partner? No problem. Shake the sheets solo with a vibrator or dildo, and treat yourself to a Plushie Penis to keep yourself—and the toys in your naughty drawer—company. It doesn’t matter who or how you butter your biscuit as long as your V-Day is pleasurable.

Dance Your Heart Out

Valentine’s Day is all about the looove, man. Throw on some vinyl and spin it back to the ‘70s with a disco party! To make your dance partner feel like gold, give them a Heart of Gold Metallic Vinyl Plush. Doesn’t matter if you're single or shagging them, your hearts will beat as one.

Make Out at a Museum

Are you a smarty pants? Marry your mind to a museum for the day! Want to get INTO someone’s pants? Stimulate them with a smart date! What’s more romantic than checking out the specimens and morbid anatomy at The Mütter Museum, or walking through the cabinet of curiosities exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science? Let your date pick out a curio of their own to take home from the Best Science Museum Gift Shops For Anatomy Nerds

Donate Blood to Spread Love 

People need what’s pumping through your heart. Spread the love by donating blood, and your Valentine’s Day won’t be spent in vein. You probably artery look amazing, but a Heart-Shaped Artery and Vein Pin will make you look bloody brilliant as your blood is drawn.

Know What To Do On Valentine’s Day? Snag a Gift!

Treat any heart to some TLC with a gift from our Valentine’s Day Collection and use code TAKE20%OFMYHEART now through February 14, 12 AM PST.

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