You Won’t Find Cheaper Organs Anywhere

Guts On Sale - Black Friday Sale - Cute Anatomy Gifts - Discount Organ Plushies Keychains Pins - I Heart Guts

Load up on guts this holiday season with our heart-stopping Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales! Get 30% OFF EVERYTHING in-store through November 28, just use CODE: 30OFFBKFRY2022 at checkout.

Grab Best Selling Organ Plushies for everyone on your naughty and nice list. In a tryptophan coma post-turkey day? Nap under a massive pile of soft Tonsil Plush, squishy Pancreas Pillows, Thyroid Plushies, and huggable Uterus Pillows. You’ll feel cozier knowing you got these plush anatomy toys with a big ol’ discount! 

Organ Pillows - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Anatomy Plushie - Organ Plush - I Heart Guts

Warm your innards by the fire as you kick back in your Kidney-Shaped Slippers with your Liver Plush in one hand, spiked cider in the other, and a pocket full of savings!​​

Kidney Plush Slippers - Liver Plushie - Heart Pillow - Anatomy Slippers - Organ Slippers - I Heart Guts

The holidays can be stressful. Hug your Stomach Plushie tight, and thank it for getting you through Thanksgiving dinner even though your pants no longer fit and you need Imodium to help digest all those sides and stuffing.

Your dinner party doesn’t need more appetizers or desserts. Bring the Gastro Gang at the table a Sweet Tooth vs Dessert Stomach Magnet instead to spark an epic debate about which one is sweeter: Sweet Tooth, Dessert Stomach, or 30% off all I Heart Guts merch?

Sweet Tooth vs Dessert Stomach Magnet - Stomach Plush - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow- Anatomy Magnet - Organ Magnet - I Heart Guts

Traveling this holiday? Our Penis Plush makes the perfect neck pillow on a long hard flight! 

Penis Plushie with Foreskin Pocket - Penis Pillow - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Anatomy Plushie - Organ Plush - I Heart Guts

Cocoon yourself in a Useless Colon Club Sherpa Blanket and become an impenetrable human burrito of warmth while shouting out your IBS or IBD colon. Discounts extend to our Print On Demand Shop, too: 

Useless Colon Club Sherpa Blanket - Colon Blanket - Organ Anatomy Blanket - I Heart Guts


🖤HOLIDAY $15 Tees + V-necks plus Everything on Sale: 11/10 5 PM - 11/23 5 PM CT

🖤BLACK FRIDAY Everything on Sale + $12.50 Tees: 11/23 5 PM - 11/28 12 AM CT

🖤CYBER MONDAY Everything on Sale + $12.50 Tees: 11/28 12 AM - 12/1 5 PM CT

Spread the love this season and show someone how much they make your bones shake with our Weak In The Knees Tee, only $12.50 through 12/1!💕


Weak in the Knees T-shirt - Knee T-shirt - Organ Anatomy Shirt - I Heart Guts

We even have stocking stuffers like our Colon Keychain to remind your loved ones to remember their keys and to schedule a regular colonoscopy. 

You Move Me Colon Keychain - Colon Keychain - Anatomy Keychain - Organ Keychain - I Heart Guts

Don't drop the testicle on our biggest sale of the year! Shop 30% OFF EVERYTHING in store with code 30OFFBKFRY2022 at checkout between Nov. 25, 12 am PST - Nov. 28, 11:59pm PST + $12.50 Tees through and more discounts on Threadless.

Not sure where to start shopping for the holidays? Check out our Funny Holiday Gifts for Friends, Fam & Healthcare Workers to see our curated gift recs! 

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