Worst Father's Day Gifts

When dad has it all, why not give him something truly terrible? Or, if dad has a sense of humor, something that will bring on the giggles. 

 Penis Neck Pillow

For the ultimate gag gift for dad, why not give pops a penis? That doesn't sound wrong at all! It makes a great neck pillow for long flights, and dad can store earbuds in the foreskin pocket. 

Celebrate dad's 'nads with this lovely magnet. You would not be here without father's family jewels, now, would you? He doesn't need to know it's a great gift only $4 bucks. Grab more balls for pops here.

 Strange Father's Day Gifts

The family jewels may get all the attention, but don't forget the unsung (and, ahem, un-hung) heroes of the dad bod, the prostate! Without the prostate's protective seminal syrup, sperm wouldn't make it in the world. Thank you, prostate! We celebrate this gland as a funny prostate exam t-shirt and no rectal exam required to check out this perky plush prostate.


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