Womb Power: Uterus Swag to Support Women’s Health Matters

Look Smart Like Einstein’s Vagina

Whether you’re a vagina whisperer or your hoo-ha is having probs, this Vagenius Tee will bring humor and bragging rights to whatever reproductive event you face. Educating yourself about an endometriosis diagnosis? Attending a women’s health rally? Have to sit through sex ed class? Show your peers you’re a vagenius on genitalia, and they’ll think you're tubular.

Show Your Glands Some Gratitude 

Have you thanked your ovaries lately? Besides being vital glands in the continuation of our species, they also play an essential part in shaping your bod. Ova-achiever, ova here! Teamed up with your uterus, they are an unstoppable force for fertility and feminine power. Sock it to ‘em and show your repro parts some love with Ova Achiever Socks!

Fight Club, But For Your Baby Box

Uterine probs causing you to suffer? Whether you’ve got polyps, chronic pain, or your baby box is simply throwing its monthly tantrum, there’s no better way to move through it than pat it on the back and show it you’re proud. Out with the toxic positivity and in with Angry Uterus Club T-Shirt. Acceptance and validation will help it get back in cervix.

You Have the Right to Remain Reproductive

If someone tries to tell U or your uterus what to do, you should leave the womb. That, or subtly tell them to stay in their placenta by sporting a Kiss My Uterass T-Shirt in their presence. You are the sovereign ruler of your body, your repro rights are your own business, and people should totally respect your boundaries. 100% of proceeds go to the Center for Reproductive Rights.

You’ll Never Get Ova This Plushie

The perfect snuggle buddy post-op, preggers pal, or during treatment for ovary probs, our new Two-Faced Ovary Plush will have you, your OBGYN, or your fav ovary owner fallopian in love. With a face on either side, this cozy egghead makes it easy to face scary times and cold speculums, celebrate a fertilized ova, or support ovarian cancer warriors.

Fists Up For Kick-Butt Fertility

Our Kung Fu Uterus has a black belt in maternal arts. It knows how strong you are—mind, body, and isthmus—and will always have your back when fighting cancer, or showing your pride for repro parts. ‘Cause uteruses kick ass, duh!

Sticker Up the Whole Womb

Every human on Earth got their start inside a uterus. They should get a sticker for it, just sayin’. It’s also not selfish to keep a Bunch of Uterus Stickers for yourself! Either way, your water bottle, notebook, and tampon box def need one— you can never have too many uteruses in your life.

A Party For Your Repro Parts

Crazy for your repro fam? Show your sex organs some love with a cute anatomical product from our Uterus & Friends Collection. It’s chock-full of really cute and funny gifts that are serious about reproductive health— great for any condition, occasion, or crazy cramp!

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