Which Vital Organ Are You?

When you follow your gut, which one leads the way? Keep on scrolling to find out which organ guides your intuition, or take this quiz.

You’re sappy, love rom coms, and can’t tell the difference between sad tears and happy tears–in other words, you’re crying, like, all the time. You probably listen to Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift on repeat, and you can’t wait for the new season of Bridgerton.

Sounds like you? Meet the hardest working organ in show business: your heart. This muscular organ pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body and beats approximately 100,000 times per day! That’s a lot of love. 

You’re opinionated and you stand by your strong convictions. You spend your time picking Twitter fights and playing video games like Resident Evil because you’re a real tough guy. 

If you relate, you follow your spine. The spine holds our bodies upright! This collection of stacked bones called vertebrae not only holds us up but also houses and protects the spinal cord, which helps the brain talk to and control the rest of the body. Make no bones about it: your spine’s got your back.

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Some might say heartless, you might say genius. You’re a real Netflix scholar, ain’tcha? Watching docu-series about cults and crime is your go-to entertainment. You love to read, and you think you have a superior taste to Oprah’s book club (you don’t). 

Meet the brain! What doesn’t the brain do? It keeps all the other organs in check, managing complex operations such as temperature, hunger, thirst, love, anger, and fear. Of course, it takes care of memory, dreams, speaking, and imagination. Fire up those neurons!

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Food is your personality. When someone asks what you like to do, the obvious response is “eating.” You wonder why other people don’t love food as much as you do. Guess they’re just not living their best life like we are.

You’re a stomach! The stomach creates a highly acidic environment used to digest all the cookies, ice cream, and bacon you gobble up. This lil’ guy’s digestive juices help break down food for the intestine, which absorbs the actual nutrients. Don’t forget to chew during your eating escapades. 

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GYM! GYM! GYM! Your Instagram profile is basically a shirtless selfie collage. The worst part of the pandemic was the shutdown of your workout haven. Your trainer describes you as, “hard-working, fit, and loves my job more than I do.” 

Meet your muscle! Well, you already have. They’re so big they’re hard to miss. Push, pull, shove, hug — muscles make you move! Your largest muscles — quadriceps and gluteus maximus — are also the strongest, but the heart muscles work the hardest since they never rest. These amazing soft tissues give the body its strength and flexibility.

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So, which gut are you?!

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