Which Doctors Are The Happiest?

Doctors are human, too, and what do humans want? Happiness! They toil away helping us achieve health and comfort, but who takes care of the caretakers? To get a good idea about which docs are doing well and which are down in the dumps, let’s look at some stats.

Doctors With Best And Worst Work-Life Balance 

Cardiothoracic surgeons work on the lungs, heart, and other organs in the chest cavity and are often on-call. Sadly, this life-saving specialty doesn’t leave room for many self-care boundaries.

Even nurses are mandated by the ANA Code of Ethics to practice self-care to manage stress, promote safety and high-quality care, and lung their patients better— a.k.a. replenish their empathy and compassion.

It takes a lot of heart and precision to work under immense pressure, so physicians holding their breath for a ‘lax life are better off becoming a family medicine doctor. They have work-life balance in the bag!

Highest Burnout Doctors 

With little-to-no routine, a lack of sleep, and a whole lot of stress, it’s no surprise that ER physicians experience the most burnout. 

What’s shocking is a few of their top cited reasons for feeling ova-worked are a lack of respect from staff, too many menial tasks, and not enough pay to make it all worth it.

At the other end of the spectrum, docs in preventative care and public health hardly ever feel the heat. Low stress but no less important, these docs prevent health problems instead of burning at the heart of them.

The Most Stressed Doctor Speciality 

One way to predict someone’s happy-hormone levels is to look at their home life. When it comes to work getting in the way of a healthy, committed relationship, stats show that endocrinologists’ moods are most out of whack.

Is this due to dealing with so many hormonal patients that they have no patience left for their partners? On the other hand, there’s something about studying kidneys that helps nephrologists filter out interpersonal strife.

More Money Less Problems: Which Doctor Makes The Most Money?

Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps! Primary care physicians clock in as the lowest-earning medical doctors, which is pretty scary considering they are our first point of contact for all things guts-related.

So, who makes the most? Speaking to the state of our musculoskeletal systems, which includes our backs, hips, and knees, orthopedists have built the strongest monetary backbone.

Which Medical Specialty Is Most Stressed?

Medical care is centered around health, but do the docs that provide it practice what they preach? Surveys show that 30% of physicians exercise once a week, less, or never. Only 24% get flexy four or more times a week!

Over a third of physicians don’t bend over backward to limit their internet use and alcohol consumption, drinking five or more beers and spending 11+ personal hours on the web per week. Do as I say, not as I do, amirite, docs?  

Which Docs Are Actually Happy?

When all data is considered, such as survey answers, stress levels, job satisfaction, and work-life balance, psychiatrists are hands-down the happiest physicians. Helping others be happy must work wonders!

We’re no statisticians at I Heart Guts, but it seems to us that all you need to be truly happy is lobe. These mental health magicians may not top the charts on any specific trait, mind you, but they sure do win at smiling. 

Thank A Doctor For Their Care

Helping us sort out our guts is hard. A Happiness-Inducing Anatomical Gift From I Heart Guts is a great way to show your support for any specialty!

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