Where's That Uterus?

best plush uterus - uterus pillow- uterus toy - hysterectomy gift
A question we've been getting a lot lately is: where is the uterus? And when is it coming back? Your website said they would be back in September, then October, and now NOVEMBER? What's the deal??? And when can I get my hands on one? It's a long story, so let's get started! Well, the uteruses are finished and have been sitting around in China since August (Yes, our uteruses, like your phone, your books and so much more are made in China). Sadly, with Covid, our warehouse didn't have enough room to store them in August because stuff hasn't been selling as fast as it usually does with so many stores closed.

uterus plush - uterus toy - uterus pillow - pregnancy gift - obgyn present

And now that we do have space, it's become impossible to find space on a ship to come home to the US because the holiday season is upon us. And all my logistics people tell me that the iPhone 12 is taking up all the space on ships, planes, carrier pigeons, etc. My measly little uteruses will just have to wait! It's extremely frustrating and we are sad to have to push back our restock date again and again.


angry uterus plush

We miss our uterus so much! It has been out of stock since March!!! It's so sad! I never like to count my uteruses before they hatch, but we are now looking at a mid-November uterus, ovary plush and penis neck pillow restock, which is not ideal. It could be worse, but of course it means we will miss international holiday delivery dates for the uterus, penis and ovary, which makes me sad. If we are lucky, we will have these items in time for U.S. holiday delivery. Maybe. Fallopian tubes crossed and double-crossed.

Uterus plush - best uterus plush - womb pillow - cute uterus - cuterus stuffie
Thank you for being so patient with us! If you are truly desperate for a plush uterus, there are a few other brands out there making them (look for them on Amazon as well as many many others on Etsy) and we promise we will understand if your uterine needs can't wait. Also if you really need a plush penis, those exist as well, but it's not our penis (and not to brag, but I am rather fond of our penis neck pillow design, and I'm not shy to say I worked my ass off to make it just right.) Actually there is even another penis neck pillow I see from my Googling, but it's a little...um, graphic (for my taste anyway, but I'm not judging. You do you.)? I'll let you decide. Anyway, if you are able to wait for us, great, if you gotta go with another uterus, we promise we won't be mad. Love u! Thanks for listening.

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