What Organs Get Ultrasound?

Uterus Ultrasound - Pelvic Scan for Pregnancy - Pelvic Ultrasound vs transvaginal ultrasoundWhen we think ultrasound, most of us think looking inside a uterus to peek at a growing baby thing. But did you know the uterus is not the only gut that gets scanned by ultrasound technology? It's true! Snap on your surgical gloves and lube up your ultrasound transducer, cause we are gonna look at some guts!

Thyroid Ultrasound - preparation -cpt - thyroid prep

If you've ever experience puzzling thyroid problems, you may have gotten a thyroid ultrasound! This little gland can wreak all kinds of havoc when it doesn't want to behave, or worse, is cancerous. Here is our thyroid pillow, pictured above, ready for her close-up.

Breast ultrasound images

Another real fun one? Your breasts may need extra diagnostic imaging following a mammogram! If you have dense breast tissue and that wretched mammogram machine (seriously, can't we find a more humane way to look inside our boobs? We don't diagnose testicles this way...Calling all medical engineers! ) didn't squash your boobs thin enough to look inside, you may need an ultrasound to check for breast cancer. Our breast pillow, above, is so happy to be outta that mammogram / panini press/ machine, she doesn't mind that ultrasound one bit!

Cervical ultrasound images

Of course the uterus is not the only reproductive organ needing a closer look. The cervix may also need extra medical imaging for diagnostic purposes. Nobody loves a vaginal ultrasound transducer, but it just may safe your life. Above, our cervix pillow takes a look at her pretty pictures. Let's also raise a glass to the ultrasound tech, a medical hero who never gets any love or recognition, yet helps you magically look inside your body!

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