What Organ Are You?

Looking for ways to waste time on Tiktok? We have a new thing! Check out our What Organ Are You filter, it scrolls through a bunch of organs and randomly picks and organ just for you and plops it on your forehead.

plushie organs tiktok account

It's kinda like a horoscope but with internal organs... You may love the organ picked for you...

plush organs tiktok

Or you may be horrified. Either way, it's some silly good fun for your feed to see your reaction to your selected body part. It's pretty fun. 

organ plushies tiktok

Try it with a roomful of friends to discover who is a liver, who's the testicle and who is the stomach of the bunch.

what organ are you filter tiktok

Warning: you may not like the organ it picks, so if you're not into being an intestine or rectum, just try again and it will pick you a winner next time!

plush organs tiktok

We are watching them all and loving your reactions, from giggles to confusion to...WUT. Click on our profile and look for that little star magic wand icon to try it!

plushie organs tiktok

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