What Does "Heart of Gold" Mean?

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The phrase "heart of gold," describes someone good and kind. Naturally, having a heart literally made from metal would be useless at pumping blood. But metaphors are just that -- acts of imagination and poetry.

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The expression "heart of gold" was first recorded in Shakespeare's play "Henry V," back in the 1500s when the phrase was in fashion. Good ol' Henry the King disguises himself to find out what the soldiers really think of him. A soldier says, “The king’s a bawcock, and a heart of gold, a lad of life, an imp of fame …” I'm no Shakespeare scholar, but apparently those are all compliments. Now when is "Bawcock" gonna come back into fashion? 

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When his little-known song "Bawcock of Gold" was dismissed as trash, Neil Young followed the flop with the hit song "Heart of Gold" in the 1970s. He apparently wrote it after sustaining a really bad back injury. The song lyrics describes crossing oceans and traveling through Hollywood in search of the elusive Heart of Gold. Who knows if he ever finds it? He is probably still out there walking around searching...hopefully wearing our Heart of Gold socks (which are on sale, btw).

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Why is "Heart of Gold" used to describe both nurses and prostitutes? Well, they both work hard at difficult jobs. Work for which people are grateful. Work that involves poop, bedpans and ... Well, you can use your imagination. And a compliment is easier than cash. But the cheapest and cutest way to say a hearty thanks is always our Heart of Gold enamel pin.  Heart of Gold Nail Art - Heart of Gold Nail Ideas - Golden Nail MetallicOr perhaps nurses and sex workers both need to harden their hearts into tough metal objects to deal with all the madness they experience at work. Who knows? It's always a good reminder to be both tough and kind. Golden Hearts are the perfect expression of the Heart of Gold aesthetic: tough as nails. Golden nails!

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Whether you're trying to soften a hard heart or just expressing gratitude for a job well done, you can't go wrong with our shiny heart of gold gifts as a pin, heart of gold plush or best-selling golden keychain. The heart of gold enamel pin is our personal favorite to give to nurses and hospital staff after getting great medical care! Always brings a big smile. Also helps them forget all about what you put in that emesis basin.

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