We Lung You, Too!

3436577800_a3085f145bThis may qualify as one of the more amazing photos I've seen our guts in (is that Alf or an elephant? Who are the Biscuits and how can I be on their team?) -- MyMeso contacted us about wearing lung shirts at their table for the American Cancer Society's “Bite The Tail Off Cancer” Crawfish Boil in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. We pointed them towards the I Lung You tee, and they got 'em and loved 'em! Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer affecting the lining of the lungs, most often cause by asbestos exposure. Visit MyMeso.org for more info.

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  • Treatment of Mesothelioma

    100 Questions & Answers About Mesothelioma (Paperback)

    This was not acceptable, and we needed real answers to our questions and FAST!
    Harvey Pass has done an excellent job of de-mystifying the illness and his well written guide pointed us in the right direction to get the best help available.
    Thanks Harvey for a lifesaving (and encouraging) manual

  • iheartguts

    Duh, of course he’s an anteater! I was thinking tapir, elephant, everything but anteater. Love the biscuits name, so glad the tees worked out for you — Go Biscuits!

  • Wendi Lewis

    Hi! This is us! Thank you so much for this photo from our event! The “I Lung You” shirts were perfect and attracted a lot of attention. They gave us opportunities to talk to people about mesothelioma, which is exactly what we were hoping! (You’ll notice we also had the plush lungs on our table.)

    (By the way, Big Mo is the crazy character – he is a “Biscuit Eater” so I guess he’s sort of like an overgrown anteater. :-) The Montgomery Biscuits is our minor league baseball team, affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays.)

  • Jason Wohlford

    That’s great! Go Biscuts!

  • mesothelioma

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