Two Sided Organ Plushies for Your Two-Faced Body Parts

Are any of your organs two-faced? Some of ours are! Our kidney plush and ovary plush now come with faces on both sides do you can choose lefty or righty depending on which kidney or ovary is giving you trouble. Imagine happy healing thoughts for your left kidney or right ovary with just the right organ plushie gift!

Try to wish away that ovarian cyst on your left side, or hope for the right kidney transplant you've been waiting so long for. This ovary plushie makes an eggs-cellent gift for your ovarian cancer warrior, PCOS champ of IVF goddess. Just another small way to personalize your plushie organ for your trouble-making body parts.

Speaking of two-sided organs, we've also added some fun new art to the backside of some of our new keychains! Left knee, right knee, real knee, robot knee, we've got your bilateral besties covered.

If you flip over the blood keychain, insulin keychain or knee joint keychain, you'll notice we added some bonus fun on the other side. This way you get both a left and right knee when you get our cute knee replacement keychain.

blood cancer leukemia awareness blood draw clinic donation hematologist phlebotomist gift

Blood doesn't have two sides, but our blood keychain does! It's a great pick-me-up for blood cancer patients, blood donor incentive and leukemia patient gift. If you need the perfect hematology gift or flirty phlebotomist gift.

Of course our kidney slippers give you two kidneys, both left and right, for nearly the price of one, so don't miss these cute, cozy and wearable kidneys to keep you company on your renal journey.

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