The Best Blood, Guts & Gore Horror Movies This Halloween

Celebrate spooky season with a scary movie marathon with your favorite Blood, Guts & Bones plushie.

Dracula Loves Blood and Blood Loves Dracula!

If Bram Stoker’s ageless antagonist is a villain, then we all are, cause who doesn’t need blood to survive? 

Our bloodlust is strong, but Dracula’s is stronger. Another thing our guts have in common with the Count: They’re both #1 fans of our Blood Gifts Collection

Blood Plushies & Pins - All You Bleed is Blood - Organ & Anatomy Gifts - Blood Donor Gifts - Funny Hematology Phlebotomy Gifts - I Heart Guts

 Express your love for the most bloody epic vital fluid with a You Had Me At Type O Tee, or a Blood Friends Anatomy Poster like the one Dracula has pinned up in his coffin.

Blood Friends - You Had Me At Type O - Cute Anatomy Blood Poster - Funny Hematology Phlebotomy Tees - I Heart Guts


Disemboweled and Loving It

Our Colon loves celebrating Halloween with a gory goody like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bowels are rarely the star of the show, but they sure are in this slasher movie! 

Only one person loves the Intestine Plush more than the intestine loves itself, and that’s Leatherface. He saws innocent victims and their innards spill out.

Intestine Plushie - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Anatomy Pillow - I Heart Guts

 Most of the gastrointestinal gang gets its time in the spotlight throughout the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. It’s a gut-lovers dream!

Uterus is the Devil. Yep, We Said It.

The Uterus is one powerful organ. It’s also responsible for your menstrual cycle, and can occasionally bear Satan’s child like in the cult class Rosemary's Baby.

Motherhood is a complicated, twisted, and sometimes dark journey, especially if your baby is the Devil’s spawn. This film gets two fallopian tubes up from our sadistic Stuffed Uterus.

Uterus Plush - Womb Service - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Organ Pillow - Anatomy Plushie


Creature from My Lungs: Just Wait ‘Til You See What I Cough Up Next

If only our Lung Plushie could breathe underwater like the Gill-man from Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The lungs might be the centerpiece of the human respiratory system, but the amphibious humanoid in this movie has both a dormant set of lungs and gills.

Lungs Plushie - I Lung You - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Organ Pillow - Anatomy Plushie

Sure, the creature kills a few people and kidnaps women, but our Lung Plush loves to watch this spooky 50s film if only to see some respiratory representation on the Silver Screen.

Can’t Tear My Eyeballs Away From The Screen

Our eyeballs are bulging at the disturbing dystopian nightmare, A Clockwork Orange. 

The character Alex has his eyeballs forced open while injected with different drugs and made to watch movies as part of a twisted form of aversion therapy. 

We’ll watch any scene starring our squishy Ocular Organ!

Brown Iris Eyeball Plush - Party Pupil in the House! - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow - Anatomy Plushie - I Hearts Guts

Spine-Tingling vs. Spine-Ripping – What's Your Horror Pick?

We’re binging spine-tingling movies back-to-back this week. 

Aliens is our rec if you want a mere shiver down your spine, but if you’re hardcore, check out the spine-ripping scene in Predator where the monster rips out some dude’s spinal column.

If you feel like you literally have no backbone left after that—or if you actually have back problems like scoliosis, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease—cling to this soft and flexy spine plush and thank your vertebrae for holding you upright!

Spine Plushie - Got Your Back - Flexy Spinal Column Pillow - Anatomy Pillow
They say we crave spooks because we know we’re not really in danger–we just like riding that crazy adrenaline rush. Our organs know they’re not actually going to get slashed, poked, or prodded this Halloween… or will they.⚰️☠️🔪

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