Thank Your Cervix For Its Service!

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Thank Your Cervix For Its Service

Stick up to—and stick up a collective middle finger to—HPV this January. This Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, let’s safeguard the cervixes of the world! 

HPV is a super common and often silent (asymptomatic) infection that sneaks into over 90% of men and 80% of women at some point in their lifetime. There are over 100 strains of this little bugger, and at least 12 have a high risk of developing cervical cancer. 

As your uterus’ gatekeeper, the cervix helps periods flow, pregnancies happen, and protects your vagina by preventing stuff you put inside it from slipping *all* the way in. Haven’t thanked your cervix lately? While science says that gratitude actually does help you stay healthy, thanking your unsung cervical organ requires more than just appreciation. 

box of donuts with a cervix plushie inside acting as a donut in disguise, holding a speculum. text reads "donut say a word, we're breaking out of this clinic!"

Pap smears and speculums can be seriously uncomfortable and cold, but screening tests are a well-proven way to prevent cervical cancer. Grab a Cervix Plushie Pal to bring to your annual exam for comfort while your cervix is being scraped. 

What's thick and round with a hole in the middle? Your cervix! You might not think about this tucked-away organ as much as we or your gyno do, but it’s an important part of repro health. 

Regular smears prevent about 83% of cervical cancer cases, so remember to love this squishy donut as much as you love glazed ones.

Celebrating healthy and happy cervixes, as well as showing support for ones that cancer has compromised, is simple. No need to pour an ice vat over your head for this one.  

Show up for your cervix this month and get on board with Cervical Health Awareness by:

  • Spreading the word about the sneaky HPV assassin
  • Educating others about preventative action
  • Raising awareness for those who suffer from cervical cancer 

Let’s keep our crucial organs healthy and happy. That way, they can continue to lube us up and let us enjoy the finer things in life like sex, conception, childbirth, and even the occasional pap smear.

Our Adorable Cervix Plushie is an excellent reminder for cervix-havers to schedule a pap ASAP. It’s also a pretty cute and pretty anatomically correct gift for cervical cancer warriors and healthcare heroes.

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