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I'm working on a testicle exam chart to encourage men to grope their balls during Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, coming up in April. Anyway, give us feedback on our chart! We kind of figure most men touch their testicles at least once a day -- the need to adjust, don't ya know -- but that may not necessarily mean they are actively looking for telltale lumps. So, we'd like to take a very unscientific survey -- men: how often do you touch your balls daily? The results will be included in our final poster as one of a handful of Nutty Nuggets!

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  • Random Hero

    It depends on the weather, pants, shorts, underwear (if any), daily activities etc. Our balls need TLC :D

  • gutsy

    Interesting — 45 out of 100 of the men in our survey say they touch their testicles 6 times or more a day! that’s a lot of adjusting.

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