Our Breastest Friend

We are super-excited about our redesigned breast plushie and we hope you are too! We first put our mammary gland out there in 2009 and the response was, essentially, that everyone wanted some boobs. We get it! Everyone likes boobs, right? Now you’ve got something fun to give the bravest and most amazing breast cancer survivor in your life. 

Breast Pillow - Breastfeeding Support - Lactation Consultant Gift - Funny Breast Gift






“Breast Pillow - Breastfeeding Support - Lactation Consultant Gift - Funny Breast Gift - Breast Exam Info

 This breast plushie also comes with an extraordinary booklet hangtag that describes what the breasts do, how they work and also include a tiny breast self-exam! Our Breast Exam Ever describes what you ought to look for when you’re checking your girls for lumps. Getting to know boobs is easy easy as one, two, three. A monthly mammary check just might reveal info that can help your doctor get you diagnosed quickly. Different breast shapes, colors and sizes are celebrated in 8 pages of educational fun. This stylish, charming and smart boob might be just what a new mom needs when she’s hitting the breast pump for the umpteenth time. Let’s do this lactation thing!



Breast Plush Toy - Breast Cancer Awareness Gift - Breast Friend Plushie Pillow


Your breasts contain fat, muscle, nipples, and mammary glands, which look like a bunch of grapes (see picture below) and can produce milk to feed babies. Mammary glands are what give mammals their name. Both women and men have mammary glands. The hormone estrogen promotes breast development, while testosterone inhibits breasts. It’s the breast of both worlds! Measures a highly unrealistic 7" x 9" x 6”.



Check out our new fluffy and fun breast plushie here!!







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