I Heart Guts Ship TimesHey, how are you? We are okay. We are blessed to still be open and shipping at this crazy time. Many of our customers want to know if there will be a delay with their order. The answer is yes: our handling and ship times are experiencing slight delays in shipping plush organs due to COVID-19. USPS has added one extra day to both Priority Mail (usually 3-5 days now more like 4-7) and first class service (usually 5-10 days, now more like 6-12). Please be patient. We are short-staffed. This leads to delays. Our wholesale warehouse, which usually has a staff of 5, is down to one person to handle our teeny tiny trickle of orders to stores that carry I Heart Guts. Mike, who handles all the shipping to you, our fabulous customers at iheartguts.com, is also working alone and doing what he can. USPS is short-staffed and handling vital essential supplies for a variety of people and businesses. Again, more delays. Even the mighty FedEx is hard-pressed to guarantee ship times, as is Amazon Prime. We are doing our best to get orders out the same day. We understand that you may have a loved one who is ill or hospitalized and you are stressed. But if you can offer us patience, love and understanding, we would surely be grateful! We are sending socially distant hugs during this challenging time.
I Heart Guts Behind the Scenes PhotoshootEver want to know what it's like day-to-day at I Heart Guts HQ? "First I make strong coffee and try to tackle something creative while my adrenaline is flowing," Guts founder Wendy Bryan Lazar tells Threadless in a recent Artist Shop spotlight. "Then I check my email and see if my customers need any attention, because without them, I have no job. And I love my job." But it's not all boring, Lazar says: "But creativity comes first! Those vaginas aren’t going to draw themselves." Read the full interview with I Heart Guts founder here.
Ten years ago this month I Heart Guts was born! What began as drunken sketchbook doodles slowly became stickers, buttons, tees, and eventually, plush organs (wow, look at that skeletal crew, we didn't even have uterus or bladder back then!). It has been such a great ride thanks to so many many of our amazing customers who inspire us with tales of gutsy survival in the face of illness. We hope to do a few giveaways this month to celebrate a decade of organs, so please check the I Heart Guts Facebook page or back here to win some guts for yourself or a friend! [pictured: I Heart Guts.com back in 2005, screenshot courtesy the Internet Wayback Machine]
Monthly menstrual care package subscription service Hello Flo, which ships thousands of tampons and pads direct to your door, featured I Heart Guts founder Wendy Bryan Lazar on their blog this week. Take a minute to read the interview and learn how to turn heartbreak and failure into your own awesome small business.