Get your cozy fall fashion on with our limited run of one-of-a-kind hoodies made by NY-based designer Holly Hue from reclaimed fabrics and our organic cotton cease and desist tees (learn more here or listen to a 99% Invisible podcast about it). This is our last run of hoodies, and no two are alike, so if you like it, get it before it's gone. Only 19 made, $125 each, only one in each size/color combo. If you like wearing something no one else has, you'll love these hooded sweatshirts.
Hard to believe New York Comic Con is upon us again, we'll be dragging our guts into the city in just a few weeks! The I Heart Guts booth will have plenty of fun new stuff for you to gape at, including our Super Big Heart, custom one-of-a-kind heart hoodies by Holly Hue and collectible sets of the guts buttons we made with Portland-based button makers Badge Bomb. If you were lucky enough to score tickets, please do drop by and say hello at booth #202 sometime between Oct. 9-12, 2014.
MegaColonGiantColon_lgLet us introduce you to the Mega Colon, a special exclusive plush made in collaboration with Philadelphia's Mutter Museum! If you've never heard of the real Mega Colon, it's a phenomenal specimen housed at the museum -- a nine-foot-long diseased colon formerly owned by a very uncomfortable man who performed as the "Human Balloon" as a sideshow attraction. He died from chronic constipation at age 29 with 40 pounds of poop in his intestines. Just a reminder to keep on moving with lots of fiber in your diet. Anyway, the plush mega colon is mega cute and also doubles as an unusual in-flight pillow! Available only through the Mutter Museum shop and online store.
iheartguts-yokaMeet our new friend Invisible Bear, who we painted as part of adFunture/DKE Toys Custom Yoka art show at the upcoming Designer Con (formerly Vinyl Toy Network). Don't let his gruff looks fool you -- this guy is all heart. He's also about as tall as a Smurf collectible, so don't be afraid (see photo below right to see him next to a quarter). His teeny tiny size made him pretty tough to paint, so I did my best to make his tiny little vertebrae in line and his little tiny bones sorta straight. If you feel like it, go visit him and hundreds of other custom yokas in person at Designer Con, which runs in Pasadena Saturday, Nov. 21. There will be loads of amazing people there, including Mr. Toast, Bored Inc., Spicy Brown, plus some of our favorite Los Angeles-area stores like Munky King, Japan LA. and Black Maria Gallery. iheartguts-yoka-2